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Auction Triumph: A Pioneering Sale

The Amphicar’s unique blend of automotive and nautical innovation captured the spotlight with a 1964 Custom Convertible ‘Amp Car’ achieving a landmark $165,000 at auction. This event not only reflects the model’s unparalleled allure but also establishes a new high-water mark in collector circles, highlighting the potent combination of rarity, engineering excellence, and historical allure that the Amphicar embodies.

Market Highlights

The Amphicar’s journey through auction houses has illuminated its standing within the classic car community, drawing attention to its exceptional sales figures. These transactions underscore the vehicle’s broad appeal, driven by its distinctiveness and the stories it carries. Sales like the 1965 model at $161,700 and others north of $100,000 exemplify the market’s vibrant interest and recognition of the Amphicar’s value beyond its functional novelty.

Investment Insights

As Amphicars navigate through auctions, their escalating valuations signal a burgeoning investment landscape. This trend showcases the Amphicar’s dual appeal: a testament to automotive ingenuity and a beacon for collectors seeking unique historical narratives. The vehicle’s ascent in the collector’s market speaks volumes about its investment potential, promising both growth and the joy of owning a piece of motoring history.

The Amphicar holds a special place in the automotive world, not only for its amphibious capabilities but also for its role in popular culture and its presidential connection, having been famously owned by Lyndon B. Johnson. Its appearances in the media and its adventurous crossings, such as navigating the Yukon River and crossing the English Channel, have cemented its legacy as a vehicle that defied the conventional boundaries of car and boat​​​​.


In the realm of classic cars, the Amphicar stands out for its novelty, historical significance, and the sheer joy it brings to enthusiasts. Its market performance, with recent sales and listings showing a strong interest at various price points, indicates a healthy demand for this unique vehicle. As an investment, it offers something beyond monetary value: the chance to own a piece of automotive innovation and history.

For collectors and investors alike, the Amphicar represents an opportunity to diversify a classic car portfolio with a vehicle that promises not just a return on investment but also unparalleled experiences on both land and water.

The featured Amphicar has undergone a comprehensive restoration, initiated with its purchase from Gordon Imports. The meticulous work was carried to completion by the current owner, ensuring the car not only returned to its original beauty but did so with remarkable attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Amphicar For Sale in New Jersey.

1964770 Custom$165,000Apr 15, 2023Barrett-JacksonWest Palm Beach, FL
1965770$161,700Apr 8, 2022Barrett-JacksonWest Palm Beach, FL
1962Model 770$148,000Nov 22, 2022Bring a TrailerSeekonk, MA
1964Model 770$143,000Jun 8, 2022Bring a TrailerPrairie Village, KS
1966770$128,800Oct 24, 2020RM Sotheby’sElkhart, IN
1965770 Convertible$115,500Mar 25, 2021Barrett-JacksonScottsdale, AZ
1967770$115,500Apr 1, 2022MecumHouston, TX
1964770$121,000Sep 10, 2022MecumDallas, TX

ModelModel 770
Total Produced3,878 built
Condition★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Price When New$2,800
Inflation Calculator
Asking Price $120,000
Highest Previous Price$165,000 ( 4/23/2023)

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