Tony’s Take: 👍 The Ferrari 360 Modena is an Italian supermodel in a low-cut dress (a rear window that puts old school Ferrari power on full display). When pushed to its redline, the 360’s naturally-aspirated longitudinally-mounted 3.6-liter V8 ‘s roar, well, it puts Mufasa to shame. It ain’t slow neither – zero to sixty 3.7 seconds. Get this: the 360 is a generally reliable automobile with none of that engine-out belt change BS.

Speaking of which, there was a time when a 360 was worth more than its predecessor (the engine-out F355). No more. The 360 currently sells for an average of $73,064 – undervalued in today’s high price gold rush. Farago recently bought a dark blue ’99 360 with 18k miles (post-$20k service) for $105k. BAT’s yellow car has a “Tubi-style exhaust” (?), twice the mileage and may need that service. I say it’s a great buy that will fall short of the $100k.

Downside: Farago: “How Ferrari let the F1 transmission out of the factory gates and charge extra for it is a question for the ages.” The paddle shift isn’t unliveable, but it is unreliable. And expensive to fix/replace. EAG USA’s gated six conversion is a transformative miracle with a two-year warranty that’s well worth the money, but the wait list is longer than Crime and Punishment.

Model360 Modena
Total Produced8,500 Total
Number of Owners6
Condition★ ★ ★
Price When New$149,974
Inflation Calculator
Highest Previous Price$110,000 (01/17/2019)
Auction HouseBring A Trailer
Auction Date09/13/2022
My Prediction$90k give or take $5k
Hammered At$75k

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