Best possible color combo: 👍 👍 Rossa Corsa, tan leather. Modular wheels, Challenge grill, Daytona seats. Assuming they’re not stick-on- replicas, the prancing horse Scuderia shields (fender badges) add value. Downside: the clunky single-clutch F1 transmission. (Austin’s EAG USA will convert it to a robust six-speed for $35k.) A lower-spec, higher mileage 360 sells between $95k and $125k depending on transmission, mileage, service and care. This 360 Spider will match the high end of that spread.

Model360 Spider
Total Produced 2119 manual spyd
Number of Owners2
Condition★ ★ ★
Price When New$176,600
Highest Previous Price$76,500 (5/28/22)
Auction HouseMecum Auction
Auction Date07/09/2002
My Prediction$125k
Highest Bid $105k “No Sale”

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2 thoughts on “2004 Ferrari 360 Spider

  1. I’ve driven the F1 360 and the EAG six-speed modification. Why anyone wouldn’t convert it — or buy a manual — is beyond me. Especially when you consider that the F1 box fails over time. Time and time again.

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