The Sultan of Brunei’s 2004 Flat Black Ferrari Enzo Disappears!

Tony’s Take: This one-of-one matte-black on black Ferrari Enzo was built for the Sultan of Brunei. The vast majority of the Sultan’s controversial 2500-car collection has been moldering in storage for decades (description here). But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen his flat-black Enzo in public. Back in 2008, the Enzo was spotted doing hot laps on the Nürburgring. And don’t get to thinking its the only black Enzo . . .

Of the 399 Enzos built, somewhere between four and eight were black.

In August this year, RM Sotheby’s sold Vegas billionaire Steve Wynn’s 2003 shiny black – Nero/Cuoio (black/warm brown) – Enzo for $3.36m. In 2018, RM sold a 2004 black Enzo for $1.6m. So how much is the Sultan’s unique flat-black Enzo worth?

We may never know. Sotheby’s has withdrawn the Enzo from auction, sending the online listing into the memory hole.

If you want to see the pictures, Google is not your friend. But I am. When the listing was up, I also managed to scrape some details. For example.

Recently the car has been subject to a cosmetic restoration by Carrozzeria Zanasi, the official paint shop for all of Ferrari’s Supercars, Tailor-Made editions and Icona series cars. With receipts totaling over €110,000 ($113k).

So it’s in good nick, as the Brits would say. Just for fun, here’s how I calculated my prediction before the Sultan’s Enzo was either sold off-market or withdrawn entirely. (Like the Sultan – the world’s richest man until 1980 – needs the money.)

Ferrari Enzo – Last Three sales

Auction HouseDateMilesPrice
11/6/228,418 km
5,231 mi
9/23/2223,110 Km
14,360 mi
Goodings & Co8/2/222,730 mi$4,130,000

Highest, Lowest & Average

Highest Sale Lowest Sale Average

Aug 19, 2022

2,727 miles

€ 1,506,500
$ 1,561,637 inc. premium

Oct 11, 2019

26,707 kilometers
16,595 miles

Looking at the sale prices, a black Enzo pulled close to a low-mile silver car. So black seems to bring the coin. This flat black car is not as sexy, but again, it’s one-of-one from the longest serving monarch (now that Liz has pegged it). Before the Enzo disappeared, I pegged it at $5m to $5.5m.

Downside: buying this car rewards a autocratic absolute monarch who rules his country with an iron fist and banks billions of the backs of his people. In case anyone cares.

Total Produced400 total
4 – 8 in black
1 in flat black
Number of Owners1
Mileage5730 k / 3560 mi
Condition★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Price When New$659,330
Inflation Calculator
Highest Previous Price$4,130,000 (12/19/22)
Auction HouseRM Sotheby’s
Auction Date5 – 7 DECEMBER 2022
My Prediction$5m – $5.5m inc fees
Hammered At

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