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Dive into the epitome of Italian craftsmanship with this 2005 Ferrari F430 Coupe, a sleek embodiment of luxury and performance. With a striking black-over-black palette and just 8,771 miles, this Ferrari is not only in pristine condition but also boasts highly sought-after features like Daytona seats and Scuderia shields.

Vehicle Overview:

This Ferrari F430 is propelled by a formidable 4.3-liter V8 engine, renowned for delivering a potent 490 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque. Paired with the precision of an F1-style automated manual transmission, it ensures a dynamic driving experience with rapid gear shifts and exceptional control. Complemented by ceramic brakes for unrivaled stopping power. This Ferrari exemplifies performance luxury.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Daytona Seats: Renowned for their comfort and style, perfect for any driving enthusiast.
  • Scuderia Shields: They are considered a must-have for aficionados, adding a layer of prestige and distinctiveness to this already exceptional vehicle.
  • Ceramic Brakes: Offer outstanding performance and durability, essential for any high-performance vehicle.
  • Carbon Fiber Accents: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interior with sleek carbon fiber details that not only add a modern touch but also emphasize the vehicle’s sporty essence.
  • Hi-Fi Stereo System: Ensures an immersive audio experience that matches the exhilarating drive.
  • Leather Headliner: Elevates the interior’s luxury, making every ride a first-class experience.

Maintenance and Documentation:

This F430 comes meticulously maintained, with all services up to date, ensuring peak performance without immediate extra costs. Accompanied by a complete set of documentation and tools, it’s ready to continue its legacy with a new collector.

Market Analysis and Comparative Value:

In the competitive landscape, the 2005 Ferrari F430 stands out, particularly due to its low mileage and exceptional features. While similar models from 2005 often fetch lower prices due to standard specs, this fully-loaded F430 aligns more closely with higher-priced, recent models, reflecting its superior condition and rarity.


This Ferrari F430 represents an exceptional investment opportunity. With just under 9,000 miles and a full suite of desirable options, this vehicle is positioned for significant value appreciation. Its impeccable maintenance and stellar condition further enhance its appeal to collectors, promising both emotional satisfaction and financial growth. This car is more than just a Ferrari; it’s a smart acquisition for anyone looking to own a piece of history.

Vehicle Condition and Quality Assessment

  1. 🟢 Title
  2. 🟢 Carfax
  3. 🟢 Miles
  4. 🟢 Paint Condition
  5. 🟢 Stewardship
  6. 🟢 Service History
  7. 🟢 Desired Color
  8. 🟢 Equipment
  9. 🟢 Modifications
  10. 🟢 Tire Condition

  1.  🟢 Green Dot: Represents that the specific factor or category (such as title, carfax, etc.) is in perfect or excellent condition, with no issues or flaws found.
  2. 🟡 Yellow Dot: This indicates a minor problem or issue with the specific category. The issue may be small and not significantly impact the overall quality of the car, but it’s something a potential buyer should be aware of.
  3. 🔴 Red Dot: This signifies a major issue or problem with the specific factor. It could potentially have a significant impact on the vehicle’s performance, value, or desirability and it’s something that needs to be seriously considered or addressed.

Leading sales among 2005 F1 coupes.

YearModelMilesPriceSale Date
05F4309k mi$121,00002/22
05F43012k mi$113,00010/22
05F43025k mi$110,00006/21
05F430 6k mi$100,00011/22

Leading sales among all F1 coupe models

YearModelMilesPriceSale Date
06F4301k mi$175,43003/22
08F4304k mi$168,00011/22
08F4304k mi$147,50004/23
08F4302k mi$156,50012/22
08F4303k mi$150,00010/23
Model430 coupe
Total Produced1093 USA cars
Condition★ ★ ★ ★
Price When New$200k w/ Ceramic brakes
Inflation Calculator
Highest Previous Price$132,000 (Nov 12, 2022)
My Prediction..
Hammered At..

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