RM Sotheby’s Auction: 1985 Agostini Auto Countach Junior

Tony’s Take: Over at The Truth About Ferrari, Farago takes a look at the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa J – a battery-powered 75 percent scale replica of Enzo’s legendary sports car. Hello? Lambo did it first! The 1985 Agostini Auto Countach Junior is a petrol-powered one-third scale replica of, well, you know.

Italy’s Agostini Auto Company hand built some 20 of these scissor-door Countach mini-me’s, complete with a Momo steering wheel, working lights and signals, independent suspension and rear disc brakes. The fiberglass body sits on a steel frame, comfortably accommodating two children or one intrepid, sub-NBA-sized adult.

In terms of motivation, the Agostini Auto Countach Junior putt-putts around its owners’ gated community via a 399cc Briggs and Stratton engine connected to a two-speed (plus reverse) automatic gearbox.

It’s highly doubtful the Lambo kart can reach its theoretical 30 mph top end with an adult on board, but it’s plenty damn peppy for pre-teens. Seat belts? We don’t need no stinkin’ seat belts!

In 1985, FAO Schwarz and Neiman Marcus offered the Agostini Auto Countach Junior to their cocaine-crazed clientele via their Christmas catalogues (remember those?). They sold the Lamborghini replicar for around $50k – $138k in today’s money. Allora . . .

Flash forward 37 years. Sotheby’s is pimping a well-preserved example of the Agostini Auto Countach Junior on the cusp of a major recession, where sub-$150k collector cars aren’t getting the money.

Even so, could the lawnmower Lambo experience some of the 13X appreciation that’s afflicted/blessed the real thing over the last few years?

Back in Feb 2020, the toy Lambo sold for $32k. Inflation-adjusted, that’s $36k. Economic uncertainty be damned. I say Junior rides Senior’s coattails all the way to $45k-ish.

I’m counting on the Kardashians. Chris K and her kids represent a prime market for over-the-top toys that scream over-indulgence. Do these parents want to train the next generation of conspicuous consumers to love collector cars? They do!

On the other hand, well-heeled social justice warriors wouldn’t be caught dead encouraging their children to enjoy gas-powered pleasure. And a boss busy laying off employees isn’t stupid enough to reward Junior with a Junior (not a good look).

Basically, this beautifully crafted piece of four-wheeled frippery could go either way. If the Agostini Auto Countach Junior doesn’t make my number, it’ll tell us something important about the temper of our times. #harbingerofdoom

Downside: Keeping the Agostini Auto Countach Junior road-worthy isn’t a full-sized-Countach-sized credit card catastrophe, but it still needs careful care and feeding (check out this abused example). Also, Junior isn’t safe.

MakeAgostini Auto
ModelCountach Junior
Total Produced20
Number of Ownersna
Condition★ ★ ★ ★
Price When New$50k
Inflation Calculator
Highest Previous Price$32,638 (2/8/20)
Auction HouseRM Sotheby’s
Auction Date12/10/22
My Prediction$45k – $50k
Hammered At

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