Tony’s Take: 👍 The Ferrari 355’s and 360’s convertible roofs are an unmitigated electro-mechanical disaster. If it ain’t broke, it will be. Which makes the targa-like 355 GTS the only open air F355 worth having. And it is worth having. Winding-out the 355’s flat plane crank engine to 8500 rpm, hearing it scream like a F1 car with its hair on fire – is a life-changing experience. A F355 GTS is the rarest of the [not-so-rare] breed. Now how much would you pay?

Back in April, a black 4k-mile ’99 355 GTS with the execrable F1 gearbox sold for $155k. This red/tan F1 355 has 42k more on the clock. I’m hitting it with a .90 a mile penalty (-$37,800), then adding a $5k premium for red/tan and $5k for inflation. And there you have it (prediction below). An excellent non-garage queen, thrill-a-minute Maranello machine. Downside: Not the manual. Regular engine-out belt service and irregular but frequent repair issues.

Model355 GTS
Vin NumberZFFXR42A1X0115655
Total Produced2,577 GTS 
2,048 manual, 529 F1
Number of Owners4 on
Condition★ ★ ★
Price When New$147,615 avg
Inflation Calculator
Highest Previous Price$151,000 (Apr 12, 2022)
Auction HouseBring A Trailer
Auction Date08/31/2022
My Prediction$123k -$133k
Hammered At$127,000

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