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Dive into the essence of Italian luxury with the 2004 Ferrari 575M. This model, known for its performance and elegance, is showcased in a stunning Grigio Titanio Metallic over a blue interior. With only 9,900 miles, it represents an exquisite blend of engineering mastery and aesthetic beauty, making it a coveted piece for aficionados and collectors alike.

Vehicle Overview:

The 2004 Ferrari 575M stands as a testament to Ferrari’s grand touring prowess. It’s not just the low mileage that sets this vehicle apart but also its pristine condition and a host of desirable features:

  • Clean Title: Ensures a straightforward ownership transfer.
  • Carfax: Clean record, highlighting its well-maintained history.
  • Miles: Remarkably low, underscoring its sparing use.
  • Paint Condition: The Grigio Titanio Metallic paint is in excellent condition, enhancing its visual appeal.
  • Stewardship: Demonstrates a high level of care from its previous owners.
  • Service History: Complete servicing by a Ferrari dealer in 2020, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Desired Color: The elegant color combination enhances its desirability.
  • Equipment: Includes Daytona seats, a leather rear shelf, original Becker stereo, Scuderia shields, and the complete original Schedoni tool kit, adding to its luxury and collectibility.
  • Unmodified: Maintains its originality, preserving the essence of Ferrari’s design.
  • Tire Condition: Excellent, ready for the road ahead.

This Ferrari 575M is more than just a car; it symbolizes prestige and an example of automotive excellence, promising an unmatched driving experience and an enduring legacy.

Market Analysis:

Additionally, current listings indicate a strong market presence for the Ferrari 575M, with premium dealers offering low-mileage examples at significant prices, demonstrating the model’s continued appreciation and desirability as an investment.

The market for the Ferrari 575M Maranello showcases its strong appeal through recent sales and current offerings. A notable sale in 2004 for a model with just 3k miles reached $280,000, illustrating the high demand for low-mileage, well-maintained examples. Current listings from reputable dealers further emphasize the model’s desirability:

  • A 2005 Ferrari 575M Maranello with 6,880 miles is listed at $154,900.
  • Another 2005 model, showcases the elegance and power inherent to the Ferrari marque, priced at $179,900.

This data, aligned with historical sales showing prices ranging from $106,000 to $280,000, underscores the Ferrari 575M’s consistent appreciation in the collector car market, marking it as a coveted investment for enthusiasts and collectors alike.


This 2004 Ferrari 575M represents an exceptional opportunity to own a meticulously maintained, low-mileage example brimming with sought-after options. Its impressive array of features, combined with its striking Grigio Titanio Metallic finish over a luxurious blue interior, positions it as a standout offering in the luxury car market. Beyond its immediate allure, this vehicle is a promising investment, poised for appreciation. Its rare combination of low miles, high-end options, and provenance ensures its value will only ascend over time, making it an ideal acquisition for discerning collectors and enthusiasts alike.

2004 Ferrari 575M Maranello near me

2004Ferrari 575M3k mi$280,000
2003Ferrari 575 M7k Mi$190,400
2005Ferrari 575 M 9k Mi$180,000
2005Ferrari 575 M 9k Mi$159,000
2003Ferrari 575 M 4k Mi$151,000
2005Ferrari 575M 6k mi$123,200
2003Ferrari 575 M 14k mi$109,947

Model575M Maranello
Total Produced2,056
Number of Owners5
Condition★ ★ ★ ★
Price When New$250k range
Inflation Calculator
Highest Previous Price$280k ( Mar 1, 2024)
Auction Date00
My Prediction00
Hammered At00

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