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The 2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale, originally boasting a staggering 986 hp and priced at $598,759, elevates its prowess with $51.5k in tasteful enhancements. Wrapped in APA Gulf Blue with a full satin PPF and sporting a Novitec Lowering Suspension, this SF90 is as stunning as it is agile. A full Inconel Brooks Race Exhaust not only enriches the auditory thrill but, together with an M-Engineering tune and exclusive STRASSE forged wheels, promises an even sharper performance. With just over 5,100 miles, this SF90, inclusive of a custom Assetto Fiorano rear spoiler, is listed at $539k—a testament to the seamless blend of Ferrari’s unmatched performance pedigree and tailored aftermarket excellence.

Vehicle Overview:


  • Base Price: $513,691
  • Delivery, Processing, and Handling Fee: $5,000
  • Options:
    • AFS SYSTEM AMERICA: $4,219.00
    • Alcantara seats, colored inner details: $1,856.00
    • Red brake calipers: $1,181.00
    • Carbon fibre driver zone+LEDs: $7,593.00
    • Exterior sill kick-in carbon: $2,025.00
    • Carbon fiber upper tunnel trim: $4,050.00
    • Leather/Alcantara V1 carpets: $5,906.00
    • Carbon fiber dashboard inserts: $6,750.00
    • Dual color leather interior trim: $8,437.00
    • Suspension lifter: $5,737.00
    • Horse stitched on headrest: $1,266.00
    • Colored mats with logo: $1,350.00
    • Homelink garage door opener: $1,350.00
    • Other options: $26,829.00
  • Total Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $598,759.00


  • Full Satin PPF: $7k
  • APA Gulf Blue vinyl wrap: $5k
  • Novitec Lowering Suspension: $3k
  • Full Inconel Brooks Race Exhaust (including catless downpipes and rear muffler): $12k
  • STRASSE Forged F5 Track series wheels (21×9.5/22×12.5) with Michelin 4S tires (255/30 and 335/25): $15k
  • M-Engineering tune: $6.5k
  • Assetto Fiorano Carbon Fiber rear spoiler style: $3k

Unique Selling Points:

  • Rarity and Exclusivity: As one of Ferrari’s most advanced road cars, the SF90 Stradale boasts cutting-edge hybrid technology that sets it apart from its peers. Its limited production numbers add to its rarity.
  • Custom Enhancements: The SF90 in question has been upgraded with a suite of high-performance mods, elevating its status to a unique piece among SF90s. These include a full satin PPF, a striking Gulf Blue vinyl wrap, and performance tuning.
  • Technological Milestone: The SF90 Stradale represents Ferrari’s foray into hybrid technology, making it a significant model in the automaker’s history as a blend of fossil fuel power and electric propulsion.
  • Heritage and Provenance: The SF90 carries Ferrari’s racing DNA, with a lineage tracing back to the brand’s illustrious history in motorsports and automotive design.
  • Investment Potential: The 2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale’s bespoke specification and professional modifications provide immediate enjoyment and distinctiveness and significantly enhance its investment appeal. With such unique attributes, it’s poised to maintain its value, especially if kept under 10,000 miles, offering an excellent proposition for buyers looking for a standout vehicle without the wait or additional investment in customizations. This SF90 Stradale represents a smart acquisition, blending performance, exclusivity, and potential future value.

The 2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale stands out for its blend of advanced technology and bespoke customization. Last year, these cars commanded a significant premium, but values have since stabilized, making this particular SF90 a smart acquisition. Purchased at sticker price with tasteful mods by a renowned shop, it boasts documentation and receipts, ensuring credibility. Originally in Gloss Black with a matte PPF under the Gulf Blue wrap, this SF90 offers exclusivity without waiting for modifications, setting a high bar for aesthetics and performance.


The SF90 Stradale is a testament to Ferrari’s pioneering spirit, marking a significant moment in the brand’s foray into electrification. This hybrid supercar, combining a robust V8 engine with electric motors, showcases Ferrari’s innovative approach to sustainable performance without compromising its racing heritage. As the automotive world shifts towards electric power, the SF90 Stradale is positioned to be a highly sought-after model, with its value expected to rise again in the collector’s market.

2022 Previous Sales:

MakeLocationMiles/KmSold Price (USD)Date Sold
2022Kissimmee, Florida, USA162 mi$792,000Jan 14, 2023
2022Costa Mesa, CA, USA1k mi$775,000Sep 24, 2022
2022Newbury Park, CA, USA186 mi$670,000Dec 27, 2023
2022Overseas2k mi$595,790Aug 6, 2023

ModelSF90 Coupe
Total Produced2000
Number of Owners1
Condition★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Price When New$598 plus Mods
Inflation Calculator
Highest Previous Price$935,000 ( Jan 15, 2022)
Asking Price $539,900

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