Lamborghini Countach Prices Explained

How did I predict that the ’84 Lamborghini Countach 5000S would do $1m? Critics suggested I stuck my finger in the air and made a lucky guess. While I use my gut to gauge a car’s inherent desirability, I also use math. A simple formula. Not only does it explain why the Countach 5000S pulled in a cool million (with fees), it tells you how to calculate the worth of any Lamborghini Countach from 1982 to 1988.5. Before I reveal my price guide, let’s have a look at recent history.

The RM & Sotheby’s 5000S came hot on the heels of the pandemic surge, created by the work-from-home real estate boom and increased disposable income (due to a lack of luxury travel, dining and entertaining). Here’s a look at the how that played out, Countach-wise.

ModelsPre April before the BOOMPost May Spikes up +33%
*5000 S Carbed (click link for transaction)XX
1) 1984 5000s 5k miles8/19/22 $1,061,000
2) 1984 5000s 9k miles3/26/22 $632,500
3) 1984 5000s 3k miles
Rare Plexiglas Rear
8/13/21 $720,000
*QV Fuel Injected XX
1) 1988 5000 QV 7k miles7/19/22 $560,000
2) 1988 5000 QV 5k miles 7/06/22  $680,000
3) 1988 5000 QV 9k miles 5/21/22 – $599,500
4) 1988 5000 QV 7K miles 5/6/22 –  $620,000
5) 1987 5000QV 1k miles1/15/22 – $572,000
6) 1988 5000 QV 20k miles1/08/22 – $250,000
7) 1988 5000QV 27k miles11/4/21 – $511,000
8) 1988 5000 QV 21k miles9/14/19 – $245,023
8 of the 10 Qv’s sold listed in the links above.

[This chart does not include the $860k QV FI Skirt]

Since March 2022, eight QV Countaches hammered at auction. They all went to collectors paying around $600k. To know the “correct” purchase price for any given model from 1982 to 1988.5, simply add or subtract the relative value of the following variables . . .

Start with $500K Start with $500k
Original “Gold Edition” Wheels +$60k
Wrong Wheels -$75k
Replace -$25k
Euro Front & Rear +$50k
US Bumpers
Roundbody +$100kFactory Skirts -$50k
Not to apply if Sub $500K
Carbs +$50k
5000s 2V Fuel Inj. -$100k
Serviced +$50-$100KNon-serviced -$100k
Sub 6k miles +20%
+25k miles -15%
US side markers -$20k
Not to apply if Sub $500K
Original Paint w/ patina +$30k“Painted” Car needs new respray -$50k
Good Color Combo +$50kBlack/Black aka “Brickoven” -$25k

Lamborghini made fewer 5000S model than QV. That’s the main reason people pay more for a 5000S than they do a QV, generally. BUT buyers adjust their budget according to the variables above.

08/19/2022 NEW RECORD $1,061,000

The 1984 5000S that sold at RM wasn’t a perfect car. My guy told me it was “in need of love.” But it was still the best of all possible worlds and original. That’s what serious Countach collectors want. Here’s what made the 5000S a GOAT Lamborghini Countach.

  1. Round-body
  2. Clean-face and rear (integrated five mph bumpers)
  3. Weber Carbs
  4. 4.8L lp500s engine (vs 3.9L lp400s)
  5. 455hp (same as the 4V cars.)
  6. Second fastest top speed (186.4 mph)
  7. 321 production run (vs. 610 QV’s)

Sports and exotic car collectors are often portrayed as over-moneyed rubes who bid on a whim and a prayer, led by nostalgia-fuelled emotion. While some may answer to that description, the vast majority of auction buyers are well-informed, their actions predictable. Well, not entirely. Which is just as well. I mean, where’s the fun in that?

1987 5000QVFI – 1985 5000s 2vFi – 1983 Side-draft 5000s

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  1. False…..2V cars only had 370Hp. QV had 455 hp carb and 420 FI. 2V carb is not anywhere near the value of a 4V carb. They typically battle the FI cars for their slot on the food chain.

  2. “the vast majority of auction buyers are well-informed, their actions predictable”

    While I am sure your readers are the exception to the rule, I think a significant driver of the auction prices is tax evasion and money laundering.

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