Ranking Lambo’s 25th Anniversary Edition Injected

Tony’s Take: How low can you go? RM boasts that this Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition Injected is “perhaps the lowest-mileage example of the 657 total [Countaches] produced.”

One Hundred fifty five miles on the clock says the auction house ain’t just whistling Dixie. (Can I say that?) RM also says the 25th “was regularly inspected, started, and taken for very short drives to keep its mechanical components in working order.” That’s good.


The 25th Anniversario model was a special edition Countach. Styling-wise, this is not the Quattrovalvole version you see on the block on a regular basis. classic.com lists the differences:

These cars can be differentiated by either a single central bulge on the engine cover for the Euro version, and two bulges on the sides of the cover for the US version. With numerous styling updates designed by Horacio Pagani, the Anniversario is the most angular and aggressive Countach.

The side skirts and front bumpers were larger and featured more aerodynamic and performance inspired touches. These touches included front bumper air vents for brake cooling, re-profiled fenders, redesigned two piece wheels, and rear brake air intake slots on the side skirts.

A new bumper was also added, giving the Anniversario an instantly recognizable rear profile. Even with all of these changes, the most distinguishing features on these cars are the radiator air intakes behind the doors. Thicker, vertical body colored slats were introduced, in keeping with 25th Anniversary Edition’s aggressive, aerodynamically inspired styling. 


You may notice that something is “missing.” The rear wing. When the car was released in September ’88, the wing was an option. Plenty of the 657 cars produced had it. This one doesn’t. Less is better – according to a large number of collectors who want this, the most “refined” Countach.

Civilized? The Lamborghini blessed the 25th with power windows, more comfortable seats, better sound insulation and a more powerful air conditioning system. The color combo – Metallic Black over a gray leather – also ticks the boxes.


The 25th’s powerplant is the same 5.2 liter V12 engine found in its predecessor: the Lamborghini Countach LP5000 Quattrovalvole (1985 to 1988).

The 455hp longitudinally positioned mid-mounted 60 degree, light-alloy block is hooked-up to a ZF five-speed synchromesh manual. It’s fed by a Bendix electric fuel pump working off of Bosch KE Jetronic fuel injection.

Engine5.2L V12
Horsepower449 hp
Torque248 lb-ft
Transmission5-speed manual
DrivetrainRear-Wheel Drive


The 25th Anniversary Edition Injected certainly goes some. Zero to sixty comes up in 4.2 seconds. It’ll do the quarter mile inn 13.3 seconds.

The 25th’s top speed doesn’t match the next model out of the Lamborghini’s production line – the 202 mph Diablo – but it’s still damn quick and better you than me.

Power455 bhp @ 7,000 rpm
Torque370 ft lbs @ 5,200 rpm
0-60 mph4.2 seconds
0-100 km/h5.00 seconds
Standing km62 seconds
1/4 mile23.5 seconds
Top speed183 mph

Does it make a noise? You be the judge.


1989 Record high price:

1989 Countach (Carb)6/2/22$738,000

Last three sales:

1990 Countach (Injected)9/3/22$439,500
1990 Countach (Carb)5/14/22€432,500
1990 Countach (Carb)5/27/21£187,000


I’ve been trading these cars since the beginning of time. I study each and every sale (Lamborghini Countach Prices Explained). I love them all. Just some better than others.

The Anniversary had 600+ siblings. The vast majority are bewinged. Some say that’s the car’s signature move (aside from the scissor doors). IMHO the wingless Anniversary cars are the best looking of the bunch.

This looks like a car that was offered before at a high premium, and rightfully so. RM thinks their 25th will hammer somewhere between $750k – $1m. That’s a big spread.

With the record high sale on BAT ($738k DDraft), this car is in better shape with ridiculously low miles. I say high sevens to mid eights. Could it bring a mil? If this example was the downdraft carb version with those short miles, sure. But it ain’t.

ModelCountach 25th Anniversary Edition
Total Produced657
Number of Owners4
Condition★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Price When New$145k window
$275k claim bill of sale new.
Inflation Calculator
Highest Previous Price$450,262 (Injected)
( May 14, 2022)
Auction HouseRM Sotheby’s Arizona
Auction Date1/26/23
My Prediction$785- $850k
Hammered At

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